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Call for papers
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 “One holds the advanced scientific technology; the one will have the advantage and initiative in future comp


“One holds the advanced scientific technology; the one will have the advantage and initiative in future competition and development”.
The Notification of Thesis Collection for
“2009 Far East Forum on Nondestructive Evaluation/Testing:
New Technology & Application”
The main organizers of the Forum:
Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute;
Nanjing University;
Jiangsu Province Mechanical Engineering Society, NDT Society.
For the purposes of enhancing international and domestic academic exchanges, showing the achievements in recent years and promoting the independent innovation capabilities in NDT fields, and providing the guidance for NDT technicians, the Forum will go on cooperating with Chinese journal Nondestructive Testing, which is China’s core journal, and Nondestructive Inspection, published nation-wide in China, for collecting theses in subjects of NDT new technology research, application, education and so on.
The Chinese journalsNondestructive Testing and Nondestructive Inspectionwill arrange a Special Column for 2009 Far East Forum on Nondestructive Evaluation/Testing, and the special column will be issued in formal publication. Furthermore, the Forum Secretariat will publish a thesis collection book. Through assessment and based on the level of the thesis and author’s will, thesis will be published on the Special Column and the theses collection book listed above. The authors will be awarded with the certification of “Excellent Thesis”.
The details for collecting thesis are as follows:
1.          Content: The new works that have never been published in the fields of NDT new technology research, application, education and so on;
2.          Collection deadline: 30th April, 2009 (based on the post date);
3.          Thesis assessment: Experts organized by Forum Secretariat;
4.          Sending method: The thesis should be sent both by electronic copy and printed copy (two sets).
The electronic copy should be sent to:
The printed copy should be sent to:
Ms: Chen Yankang, Tel: +86-25-84404024
Address: Room No. 417, Tianhe Mansion, No. 216 North Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, P. R. China
Postcode: 210003
5.          The thesis author must attend the Forum;
6.          Thesis requirements:
a.     The electronic copy shall be edited by Microsoft Word, in A4 format, with technical thesis format;
b.     The word count for each thesis shall not exceed 4000 including the space of table and graph. The quotation and reference of the thesis should be indicated in the paper;
c.      The following contents should be presented both in Chinese & English:
Thesis Name, Abstract, 4 Key words, Author name and working unit;
d.     Please send the first author’s information (name, date of birth, sex, qualification or education record/academic degree, speciality, telephone number, E-mail, address, postcode etc.) with the thesis;
This notification is prepared by:
The Forum Preparatory Group on Nov. 20, 2008