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Introduction of the Revering Award o
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Introduction of the Revering Award of FENDT

Introduction of the Revering Award of FENDT


The origin of the Far East Forum Revering Award:

On the first preparatory meeting of 2016 Far East Forum,we decided to add a reward to the predecessors of the Chinese non-destructive testing industry for their outstanding achievements, and their selfless dedication. The name of the awards and the details of the selection methods were decided on the second preparatory meeting.

The decision to set up Revering Award,in the meeting minutes of 2016 FENDT second preparatory meeting, we discussed the name of the award for the venerable people, and proposed its name as "Revering Award" (taken the meaning of highly respected, admire sb. greatly). Each session of the forum rewards two people, one of them is the representative of partial theory research and another is the representative of partial technology application.A trophy and bonus 10,000 RMBawarded to each winners.

Recommended Method:

Any organization or any individual may nominate candidates to the Preparatory Committee for the Far East Forum. Written materials should be attached with the candidate's resume and academic technical achievements.

Selection method:

 From March to April of each year, the Preparatory Committee will careful selectedandinvestigatedthe candidatesnominated. Andat the last preparatory meeting of the forum, the candidate would be introduced again for soliciting opinions and voting.

Explanation of "Revering Award":

"Revering" means admiration, longing for someone.Source:








Presentation of "Revering Award":


The first "Revering Award" (2016) was awarded to Zhang Shuyi (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Nanjing University), GengRongsheng (Ph.D., Professor of Beijing Aeronautical Engineering Research Center);

The 2nd "Revering Award" (2017) was awarded to Ren Jilin (Professor of Nanchang Aviation University), Liang Jinkun (Shandong Provincial Chemical Pressure Vessel Inspection Station Senior Engineer).

The nomination recommendation of the 3rd "Revering Award" (2018) is in progress.