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John Kinsey of ASNT served as the vi
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John Kinsey of ASNT served as the vice chairman of FENDT 2018 Technical Committee

2018 Far East Express: John Kinsey of ASNT served as the vice chairman of FENDT 2018 Technical Committee

John J. Kinsey
ASNT Chairman of Certification Management Council
Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Kinsey has more than 35 years of industry experience as a Technical Consultant in the field of Welding Inspection and Nondestructive Testing (NDT) with a wide variety of domestic and international clients. His experience and consultation services have spanned many industries, including transportation, power generation, power transmission, oil and gas, pulp and paper, petrochemical and structural steel construction of stadiums, arenas, and commercial high-rises. He routinely offers Subject Matter Expert (SME) recommendations for quality control and quality assurance testing programs for complex international and domestic projects. He is well-versed in the requirements of various welding and inspection codes including AWS, ASME, API, and international standards, such as the International Standards Organization (ISO) documents. He has amassed comprehensive, practical experience in many disciplines and specialized applications of NDT to evaluate materials for compliance with many codes and standards in the construction industry. He has served as a consultant to clients in troubleshooting welding and fabrication problems, development of welding and inspection procedures. His duties have included the preparation of quality program documents for welding inspection and the development of specialized NDT techniques for various methods, including radiographic digital imaging, phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) and time of flight diffraction (TOFD) ultrasonic testing. He has extensive experience in the welding, fabrication, construction, and inspection of complex Steel Bridges, including bascule, cable-stayed and suspension bridges for North America, Asia, and Europe. This bridge experience includes conducting comprehensive audits and evaluations of fabrication methods and quality programs in facilities worldwide to ensure competency to achieve contract requirements. He has served in a variety of senior technical and managerial roles during the construction and fabrication of many bridges and large steel structures. His bridge construction experience included performing quality assurance welding inspections and nondestructive testing (NDT) as a specialized consultant to more than ten different US State Departments of Transportation and a variety of international bridge authorities, including Belgium, Canada, China, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Mr. Kinsey is actively involved in many technical committees and is internationally recognized as an expert in the field of NDT from his work with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing’s (ASNT) Certification Management Council (CMC), where he serves as the CMC Chair responsible for overseeing all ASNT’s certification programs worldwide. Mr. Kinsey has served as a full member the CMC since 2002. He was previously the Chair of ASNT’s CMC Level III Examination Division for eight years and was responsible for the development, maintenance, validation, and oversight of all ASNT Level III Certification Examinations conducted globally. Mr. Kinsey also served as the Chair of ‘s CMC Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Method Committee for twelve years and handled the development, maintenance, validation and oversight of all UT Level II and Level III Examinations. His work with ASNT on both a local and international level is extensive with involvement in three of ASNT’s four councils. Mr. Kinsey is the ASNT Regional Director of Region 21 (Asia Pacific) and has been instrumental in the establishment ASNT Local Sections in China. Mr. Kinsey also supports ANSI’s efforts internationally through his activities on the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) ISO/TC 135/SC 3, where he serves as the UT Method Chair. Due to Mr. Kinsey’s work with the various technical committees, he has formed close working relationships with the leadership of different national societies responsible for personnel certifications in several countries’. These national organizations include the Japanese Society for Nondestructive Inspection (JSNDI) and Chinese Society for Nondestructive Testing (ChSNDT). These national societies often seek his guidance and support in matters relating to testing protocol for national examinations of NDT professionals and the establishment of new programs. Mr. Kinsey is also very active in the American Welding Society (AWS) where he serves Vice Chair of Task Group Four (TG-4), which handles the development of the Code language relating to Weld Inspection and Nondestructive Testing for all D1. Codes. This Task Group liaison with the D1 Main Committee and the various AWS D1 Code Committees to harmonize the criteria and text between all AWS Structural Welding Codes (D1.1 through D1.9). The above-noted experience, knowledge, capabilities, and international technical society exposure uniquely qualify Mr. Kinsey as an SME and Industry Leader in the field of Welding Inspection and Nondestructive Testing.

AWS Certified Welding Inspector, Certification Number 88030181
CSWIP 3.1 Certified Welding Inspector, Certification Number 594354
ASNT - ACCP, Certified Professional Level III in MT, PT, RT and UT, Certification Number 19992
ASNT ACCP Level II, GI and PE in MT, PT, RT, UT and VT, Certification Number 19992
ASNT SNT–TC-1A Level II and Level III in MT, PT, UT, RT, and VT

35 Years of NDT Industry Experience
31 Years of Technical Consulting Experience
26 Years of Bridge Inspection Experience
15 Years of Service on ASNT’s Certification Management Council (CMC)
12 Years of Service as ASNT’s Ultrasonic Testing Method Chair for the CMC
12 Years of Experience Working Abroad
8 Years of Service as ASNT’s Level III Examination Division Chair for the CMC
2 Years of Service as Chair of Technical Advisory Group (TAG) ISO/TC 135/SC3 - UT
2 Years of Service as ASNT’s Regional Director for Region 21 (Asia Pacific)
1 Year of Service as Chair of ASNT’s Certification Management Council
1 Year of Service as Vice Chair of AWS D1 TG-4, Inspection Committee for D1.1 – D1.9